Submission Preparation Checklist

 Manuscripts should meet the following criteria:

  • The research should be independent, original and relevant for the corresponding field of philosophical knowledge; it should have an undeniable scientific novelty and meet the scientific priorities of the journal;
  • The text should not be published before in print or electronic form;
  • The submitted paper should be supported with a scholarly apparatus: sufficient volume and correct references to the sources and literature.

 The structure of the article should include:

  • problem solving in general and its connection with the important scientific or practical tasks;
  • an analysis of the recent research and publications in which there was initiated particular problem solving and which the author builds on, the allocation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem central for this article;
  • formulation of the purpose of the article (setting of the objectives);
  • an outline of the main research material supported with a full justification of the scientific results obtained;
  • the study conclusions and findings, as well as prospects for further investigations in the chosen direction.