Section Policies

Materials are distributed according to the thematic sections and genre divisions.


  • History of domestic and foreign philosophy
  • Social Philosophy
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Filosophy of Culture
  • Filosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Logic
  • Ethics and Aesthetics


  • Articles - separate scientific researches of one author or a group of authors, on actual problems of the contemporary philosophical discourse.
  • Discussions - discussions on actual philosophical issues, thematic panel discussions ("round tables"), meetings of the departments and structural divisions of the Institute, etc.
  • Translations - published classic philosophical texts, first-translated into Ukrainian.
  • Archives – the texts of manuscripts that have been published for the first time.
  • Reviews – the reviews of new scientific publications on philosophical issues.
  • New editions - bibliographic data of the newly published books and articles on historical and philosophical issues, as well as a brief description of their content.
  • Scientific life - information reports on historical and philosophical conferences, seminars, panel discussions ("round tables"), meetings, etc.