A policy of screening for plagiarism

Editorial Board of the scientific publication «Multiversum. Philosophical almanac» takes the necessary measures to examine the incoming papers on their originality, reliability of contained information and correct use of citations. Before submitting to reviewers, all articles and other copyrighted materials are first checked for plagiarism by one of the members of the drafting group using the plagiarism detection tool Antiplagiat.

Editorial Board will immediately reject articles that show signs of plagiarism or self-plagiarism. We understand plagiarism as a statement of thoughts or words of another person, as if they were the author’s own thoughts, without permission, as well as because of the inability to properly quote sources. Plagiarism can take many forms, from literal copying to rephrasing the work of another.

The authors must ensure that the submitted manuscript:

  • describes completely the original work;
  • is not plagiarism;
  • has not been published before in any language;
  • the information used or words from other publications are appropriately indicated by reference or indicated in the text.