Author Guidelines

The editorial board welcomes submission of scientific materials on various aspects of philosophy: articles, original sources with commentaries, translations, reviews of scientific conferences, bibliographic reviews of books and scientific periodicals.

The decision on the possibility of accepting the publication is based on the results of the double-blind peer review and checking  for plagiarism.

Subject to a positive decision on the publication of the article, the authors must arrange and send consent to the publication of the materials and processing of the personal data.

The materials are to be submitted by e-mail or through the website of the journal, using Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform

Mandatory elements of the article are:

  • UDC Index, placed before the title of the article, a separate line in the upper left corner.
  • DOI Index (provided by the editors).
  • Title of the article. Required in two languages: Ukrainian and English.
  • Information about the author (s) - last name, first name and patronymic (in full); degree, academic rank (if any); position; organization (place of study); email address; contact phone; if available, the author's page in Google Scholar, Scopus, or other science-based databases for the purpose of identifying the author correctly in the international classification. Required in two languages: Ukrainian and English. The official translation of the place of employment / educational institution name should be stated as well (as defined, for example, on the organization's website).
  • The author's ORCID ID. ORCID ID registration is carried out at The ORCID ID questionnaire must be completed.
  • Abstract. The Abstract should be submitted in two languages: Ukrainian and English. The structure of the abstract: description of the main theme, problems, goals, summarized results. The size of the abstract: in Ukrainian – up to 1000 characters, in English – at least 1800 characters.
  • Keywords. Required in two languages: Ukrainian and English. The number of keywords is at least five and no more than ten. The keywords should match the content of the article.
  • References. In our journal, the References citation basis on APA style – see the guidelines by the link.

The manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word or RTF format.

In the text are obligatory internal References on the cited literature sources. For texts in English (French, German and other) languages ​​from foreign authors the internal  References's citation are based on APA style – see the guidelines by the link. For Ukrainian and Russian texts they are to be numbered by sequential numbering, with indication of the number of the quoted page in square brackets. An example of a citation information design: [10, p. 116], where "10" is the number of the cited source, "116" is the number of the cited page.

Charts, diagrams, drawings,  tables are to be black and white. Drawings (graphs, diagrams, photos, etc.) are submitted in the test, in the formats * .bmp or * .jpg (it is advisable to provide them in a separate file). The drawings made using MS Word tools are not allowed. Formulas should be created in the Microsoft Equation formula editor or presented in a drawing format. Tables should be submitted in portrait orientation. Scanned illustrations and tables are not accepted.

On the volume being published, the electronic versions of the articles will be posted publicly on the journal's website

Printing cost: 40 USD (about 3 USD for 1 page 1800 characters with spaces). Payment is made after the double-blind review procedure, in case the article is accepted for publication. Reviewing is free. The author's copy is included in the cost of printing.

The editor reserves the right to edit and shorten the materials. 

In case of rejection of the material, the editorial board does not enter into theoretical discussions with the authors.

The authors of the materials are responsible for the accuracy of the submitted facts, quotations, numbers and surnames.