Wide field of philosophical research with interdisciplinary significance
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філософія, теорія культури, універсалії культури, міждисциплінарні дослідження
philosophy, theory of culture, universals of culture, interdisciplinary research×

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Drapoguz, V. (2021). Wide field of philosophical research with interdisciplinary significance. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, 2(2), 169-177. https://doi.org/10.35423/2078-8142.2021.2.2.11


The Collected Works by O. S. Kyryliyk includes full set of author`s articles written on the basis of the reports at the scientific conferences since the beginning of his scientific activity. Thematically, it covers philosophical anthropology, culturology, semiotics, metaphysics, science methodology, folklore studies, phenomenology, social philosophy, geological research, etc. Despite such breadth of scientific interests, most articles are written in the development of his theory of Categories of Ultimate Bases (birth, life, death and immortality) and worldview codes (alimentary, reproductive, aggressive and informational) as Universals of Culture. This feature of the author's work determines its interdisciplinary significance as they are widely used in the humanities and social sciences. This is evidenced by the citations and references to them in the bibliographic index.

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