Music in Human Being: An Integral Approach
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Perception of music, influence of music, philosophy of music, integral ap-proach, art, creativity

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Osadcha, O., & Chornomordenko, I. (2021). Music in Human Being: An Integral Approach. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, 2(2), 35-46.


The article is devoted to the problem of the influence of music on human existence. We can observe this influence not only in the process of listening, but also when creating music. Today, this situation is changing rapidly and constantly, it offers many means and ways to create music - this is the availability and production of musical instruments, a virtual recording studio fits even in a modern smart phone, the activity of artificial intelligence surprises us with its results. Realities require reconsidering many aspects of the influence of musical art. We will see that each of these manifestations has its own specifics, endowed with the corresponding functions. As a result, musical ethics, aesthetics, and psychology are updated. We closely focus on each of the above aspects; we see that human participation is multidimensional. Rational description is available to us, then what about such mysterious and irrational states known from ancient times as inspiration, catharsis, and insight? Using an integral approach, a clear coordinate system is determined, according to which further detailed consideration of the topic is possible: fundamental lines of music perception are given that describe different aspects of human existence and ways of interacting with music in each of the above dimensions. The influence and creation of music is also considered from the standpoint of the levels of consciousness of integral post-metaphysics (from magic-animal to metamind), a voluminous holistic picture is provided that opens up new facets of the question for us and stimulates further research.
ISSUE PDF (Українська)


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