Calling for protection of nature: environmental ethics and practice
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calling, call, responsibility, protection of nature, environmental ethics, environmental justice, social good, transpersonal good

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Muliarchuk, Y. (2021). Calling for protection of nature: environmental ethics and practice. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, 1(1), 127-138.


The protection of nature and reestablishment of ecological balance of human environment are impossible without the consolidation of the common efforts of mankind. The actual problem is the ethical motivation of all people for the transformation of the present ineffective politics and practice of the environmental management. The study explicates the implementation of the conception of calling as a philosophical and ethical phenomenon in the solution of ecological problems. Calling is defined as a meaningful unity of personal passions, abilities, activity for their realization and of evaluation of the achieved results accordingly to the understanding of their personal, social or spiritual good purpose. The call is analyzed as the internalized social motive of a person in the sphere of the protection of nature. The article explicates the moral feelings and the ethical principles of advocacy, solidarity, responsibility, justice for the finding and realization of calling for the protection of nature. In this research based on the analysis of the philosophical works of K.-O. Apel, M. Heidegger, T. V. Hardashuk, A. M. Yermolenko, H. Jonas, M. M. Kyseliov, H. Kopnina, K. M. Meyer-Abich, and the religious thought of pope Francis and patriarch Bartholomew, the author explicates the problem of anthropocentrism in ethics as well as the task of the consolidation of anthropology, ethics, and ecology in finding of the ways of solution of ecological crisis. The study grounds the principles of social responsibility and transpersonal good in the calling of people for the protection of nature.
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