Methodological aspect of interaction оf philosophy and theology
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philosophy, theology, philosophy of theology, methodology of theology, Christian theology

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Khrystokin, H. (2020). Methodological aspect of interaction оf philosophy and theology. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, 1(2), 157-171.


The relevance of the study of the interaction of philosophy and theology has long been a cross-cutting problem of humanities knowledge. Today, most scholars recognize the coexistence and interaction of philosophy on theology as independent cultural discourses. The thesis about ideological, conceptual mutual influences of Christian theology and philosophy, their paradigmatic influence on science does not cause special objections. The article analyzes the methodological aspect of the interaction of philosophy and theology, as it appears in modern theologians and theologians. It is proved that the vast majority of Orthodox authors think of philosophy in a modern way, as something completely separate and independent of theology, so the question is to reconcile the relationship between them. Instead, thinkers of the postmodern paradigm perceive philosophy and theology as inseparable, as continuing each other. In their view, it is theology and philosophy that lay down the cultural codes, meanings and values ​​that form the matrix of culture. Theology mediates between man, religion and culture. Therefore, it works closely with philosophy and other humanities. The research of many authors further actualizes the task of analyzing the methodological component of the interaction of philosophy and theology.
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