Environmental education as a creative process in social work
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social work, environmental awareness, environmental education, life value attitudes, creativity, nature, human, society

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Anatska, N., & Svidlo, T. (2019). Environmental education as a creative process in social work. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (5-6), 171-194. https://doi.org/10.35423/2078-8142.2019.5-6.13


The article dwells upon the issue of applying creative approach to environmental education with the latter regarded as one of the substantial distinguishing features of social work. The relevance of the topic under research is ensured by the need for social work to create new values providing means of personal self-actualization as well as to set forth socio-environmental practice requirements exactly via understanding the unity of humans and nature. The global environmental crisis reflects the crisis of culture engulfing the whole complex of human interaction as well as engagement with society and with nature. Surmounting the crisis proves probable through the acceptance of new life value attitudes contributing to overcoming alienation of humans from nature. In this context, environmental education contributes to forming life value attitudes of an individual, while also being quite an important aspect of social work. It has been demonstrated that social work in Ukraine is being carried out against the background of an environmental, economic and social crisis, and thus its relevance is continually growing, since social work ensures assistance and support to people finding themselves in difficult life situations while also guiding them to resolving the issues independently. Therefore, environmental education implies gaining a high level of knowledge contributing to the formation of environmental consciousness, i.e. the awareness of the ecological integrity of nature. The above points to the fact that environmental knowledge carries weight when transformed into environmental commitments as a result of education, which the social work is actually aimed at. Along with that, the main task of social work is to incorporate the world of nature into the scope of life value attitudes of modern humans, as the world of nature proves to be an important component in the structure of a personality, while characterizing the attitude of a human to the environment as well as determining human activities and behavior. It is presumed crucial to train a specialist to develop a striving to discover the means of nature revitalization while referring to this task in terms of each specific subject.

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