Philosophical anthropology: risks of integration processes
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philosophical anthropology, science, methodology, complex approach, integration

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Vilchynska, S. (2019). Philosophical anthropology: risks of integration processes. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (5-6), 80-93.


Problems of the scientific research methodology have long attracted the attention of Ukrainian philosophers. Over the past decades the representatives of the Kyiv philosophical school have devoted quite a lot of time researching the various issues of the scientific methodology. But none of the famous Ukrainian researchers of the last century drew attention to the fact that there is also the methodological hybridization. The article is dedicated to analysis of features of science of new type. Author of the article examines the impact of philosophical anthropology to its development. The anthropological problems in the aspect of its subjective component structure have been considered. Shows that for the Ukrainian subjects of philosophical anthropology characteristic. The article dwells upon the main reasons of methodological hybridization. The article is analysed the concept of integrity in the соntext of the philosophical and anthropological experience of integration of multitude of knowledge on the material of Ukrainian discourse. Shows that for the Ukrainian discourse of postmodernist interpretation characteristic. The conclusion is made that сomplementary model of perception of the world has played a decisive role in the study and the accumulation of knowledge about the complex approach and the integration processes in the methodology of science of new type. The author of the article investigates it as meaning a modus of any form of human activity, as aqually important prerequisites of their interaction. The tradition of Ukrainian philosophical thought is the reintegration into the semantic space of ideas about the integrity of the human being. The reasons of this conclusion have been revealed. This justifies a formation anthropological paradigm of Ukrainians philosophy as a multiple process deployed in a context of updating of a methodological potential of theoretical reflection concerning events of the complex and contradictory social world. The position of M. Heidegger, M. Buber, M. Foucault have been studied in this article. This was used to define the concept of hybridization, etc. It reveals the scientific-discursive connotation of the concept. This is about over-integrationism, the amateur approach, and more.
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