Towards the phenomenology of calling: about the meaning of call
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calling, call, designation, response, personality, transcendence, choice

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Muliarchuk, Y. (2019). Towards the phenomenology of calling: about the meaning of call. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (3-4), 196-211.


In the article is analyzed the essense of calling as existential experience of personality, in particular as a response to the finiteness of human existence and finding of meaningful connections with the world outside the personal limits. The research takes in its focus the notions that could serve for description of calling as human experience. Therefore in the study analyzed the phenomenal field of calling. Examined the phenomena of call and designation, aspiration and appeal,longing and challenge in their relation to manifestation of calling of a personality. The variety of those motives divided in the study as internal and external. The external by origin are challenges, appeals and designations. They present the objective conditions of human existence. The internal motives, such as longings, aspirations and calls, exist only in their experiencing and in the effort of their realization. The call as internal motivation is defined as the main phenomenon of calling. The study proves that calling is realized as a response to the call. Therefore calling is transcending, overcomes the limits of subjectivity and unites the personal and over-personal levels of human existence in the world. It is concluded that phenomenological analysis reveals the vocation as a realization of the personal motives of man in his activities in the world. The article notes that in a semantic context, the vocations of one or another of the person's motives are revealed by his or her capabilities or obstacles. Social calls are sometimes delayed or synchronized with a person's vocation. In general, the correspondence of different motives to the vocation of a person is manifested in the form of their relevance at a particular time and place in his life. In the complex of internal and external clicks, among the diversity of voices and motives in human existence, the sense and understanding of the call of the person are distinguished and formed.
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