Theatrical Art of Vertep in XX–XXI centuries on Hutsulschyna
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traditions, vertep, scenario, Christmas and New Year holidays, theatrical performance, art

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Hotsaliuk, A. (2019). Theatrical Art of Vertep in XX–XXI centuries on Hutsulschyna. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (1-2), 204-214.


The purpose of the work is to determine the features of vertep on the territory of Hutsulshchyna in the XX–XXI century. The scientific novelty lies in the fact that in the comparative retrospect the features of the vertep in the Hutsulshchyna were investigated. The study concluded that the theatrical art «Vertep» is a later element of the Christmas and New Year holidays, and it is marked by a significant influence of the Christian religion. It was established that for the period of XX – the beginning of the XXI century. These theatrical performances became structural parts of the cycle of winter holidays in Hutsulshchyna. It is noted that for a deeper understanding of the development of folk traditions and processes of transformation in the festive-ritual culture of Ukrainians arises a number of little researched problems. One of them is the cultural symbiosis of ancient layers of ritual with the layering of Christian elements and theatrical art of Vertep. The author notes that over the centuries, the nativity scene, like the whole theater, has been changing. And today, the study of views on the influence of Christian components on the ritual culture of Hutsuls is very important in view of the changes that have taken place in political, social and cultural life. It is precisely with the help of the vertex that the issues of the struggle between good and evil are actualized in a certain moment of world perception. It is determined that the vertep was transformed in the direction of rethinking contemporary events, but the main idea of ​​the vertep is the victory of good over evil, the help of the Savior, remained the basis for the development and implementation of the script. The methodology of the research is determined by the purpose of the article, therefore, dialectical, analytical, functional methods are used to find out the features of the modern vertep, its actors, scenarios; functional and instrumental methods help to determine of transformations that have developed in the modern performance of the «vertep».
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