Calling and Profession in the Aspect of Ethical Motivation
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calling, profession, work, self-actualization of personality, career choice, ethical motivation

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Muliarchuk, Y. (2019). Calling and Profession in the Aspect of Ethical Motivation. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (1-2), 191-203.


In the article is analyzed the correlation between the concepts of calling and profession in the motivational aspect. It is proved that the notion of calling is related above all to the ethical motivation of a person and not linked to monetary gain. Calling is connected with personal experience and understanding of the meaning of life, whereas profession is related to the productive work and social status of a personality. However, as far as calling is always realized in some field of human activity, appears in a certain realm, the contradiction, which could be seen in these concepts is rather relative. The semantic aspects of cultural and historic genesis of the notions of calling and profession are researched as well as the characteristic features of their contemporary understanding, particularly in the English speaking areas. The results of the research conducted by the author of the article summarize the importance of the idea of ​​vocation in the minds of contemporary Ukrainian youth, which reached more than two hundred high school students and students of Ukrainian universities, which aimed, in particular, to study the relationship of respondents to vocations and profession. It is noted from this survey that for one third of the respondents, the profession is related to intangible, ethical motivation. But many young people naturally do not see a contradiction between the sense of vocation and the opportunity to realize it in profitable activities. Based on the data obtained, we believe that we have empirically proven the connection between the motives of calling and professional choice for a significant part of modern people in Ukraine. At least half of the students surveyed in Kyiv consider it necessary to choose a profession by vocation.On the basis of the publications and own applied research proved the actuality of calling as a motivational factor for work and professional choice of the contemporary youth in Ukraine and abroad.
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