Father Mykola Conrad: Formation of Ukrainian National Identity in the Context of «Nationalism and Catholicism» Problem
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neo-Thomism, political philosophy, national identity, nationalism, nation, national state

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SheremetаO. (2019). Father Mykola Conrad: Formation of Ukrainian National Identity in the Context of «Nationalism and Catholicism» Problem. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (1-2), 49-81. https://doi.org/10.35423/2078-8142.2019.1-2.03


The article covers the views of M.Conrad on nationalism and the related concepts of national identity, nation, national state in the context of the «Nationalism and Catholicism» problem. M. Conrad expressed his thoughts on nationalism in a report titled «Nationalism and Catholicism» written to be presented at the Academic Evenings of the Theological Scientific Society. The study made it possible, on the basis of analysis of the basic concepts of nationalism, to find out the vision of M. Conrad's alternative doctrine to the integral nationalism of D. Dontsov, which is Catholic nationalism. It also made it possible to prove that the thinker managed to develop a well-grounded and well-balanced vision of a problem that can be described as Catholic nationalism. As a result of the study of his ideas it was found that they are on the verge of two philosophical directions – neo-Thomism and political philosophy. One of the reasons for the idea of developing nationalism on a Christian basis was the need to oppose it to the integral nationalism of D. Dontsov, who was influenced by the philosophy of F. Nietzsche. The shared understanding of the concept of national identity, the essence of nationalism and its types by Conrad and contemporary thinkers (V. Lisovy, O. Protsenko, E. Smith) shows the foresight and the relevance of the ideas of the father in the realm of political philosophy. Comparison of the report by M. Konrad with the works of Polish thinkers Y. Voronetsky and Y. Bohensky provided an opportunity to argue that his idea of Catholic nationalism developed within the framework of political-philosophical discourse on the development of the spread and implementation of nationalistic ideas both in Polish and Ukrainian environments. Fathers M. Conrad, Y. Voronetsky and Y. Bohensky tried to consider the problem of nationalism on the basis of early neo-Thomism, in particular, the doctrine of the natural law, the common good, the doctrine of the state, applying it to the problems of the contemporary society.

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