Legal education in the preparation оf law-making specialist
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people, culture, education, right, law, law-making, legal education

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Simakova, N. (2018). Legal education in the preparation оf law-making specialist. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (3-4), 202-214.


The process of law-making is a problem in any area, the solution is only possible for specialists who have the appropriate education, the level of general and legal culture, the required social experience. A person who does not have the proper legal education would be hardly capable to isolate, formulate, and even more so – to substantiate the necessity of one or another legal norm. Specialists must deal with creation of laws; society must ensure their legal training, first of all, through the provision of high-quality legal education. In this context, it would be advisable to analyze the role and place of legal education (enlightenment) of the educational community as a powerful source and controller of legal transformations in the educational space of our country. The author believes that it is important to overcome formalism and randomness in conducting law-education activities among the educational community, to fill them with the actual content, to show the ways of application of legal knowledge. Particularly relevant is the implementation of legal education in non-humanitarian and non-legal educational institutions, where the educational process is focused on professional training, but educational disciplines of the law-oriented direction are optional (as a rule, at the students choice). The effectiveness of legal education in educational institutions largely depends on the preparedness of teachers to this type of activity. In this regard, the training of teaching staff should be accompanied by providing them with the necessary knowledge, methods and techniques for conducting legal education. Legal education, in its various forms, contributes to the formation and updating of legal knowledge, develops the legal competence and legal culture of the educational community, allows its subjects formulate proposals professionally for the improvement of the educational field in our state.
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