The Notion «Freedom» in Scientific Work of Albert Einstein
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freedom, intellectual independence, artistic freedom, civic freedom

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Drobovych, A. (2018). The Notion «Freedom» in Scientific Work of Albert Einstein. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (3-4), 76-84. Retrieved from


This article presents a brief philosophical review to the first translation of the article «Freedom and Science» by Albert Einstein into Ukrainian. The topicality of this publication is connected with the fact that the notion «freedom» analyzed by Einstein is viewed in terms of those social and philosophical issues Ukrainian society is currently facing – civic responsibility under conditions of war, ability to align with freedom and to withstand propaganda, science for the quality improvement of people’s life and assurance their dignity. The aim of this publication is in broader mainstreaming of Albert Einstein’s intellectual legacy into Ukrainian social, philosophical and ethical discourse.

PDF (Українська)


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