Biological weapons as weapons of terror of the modern world
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infectious diseases, biological weapons, biological safety, biological threats, bioterrorism

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Nikolaienko, N. (2018). Biological weapons as weapons of terror of the modern world. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (3-4), 67-75. Retrieved from


The article is devoted to the least controlled and most dangerous threats of the present, namely, bioterrorism and biological warfare. The attention is paid to the fact that at present the existing sequence of terrorist actions with the use of pathogens of infectious diseases and bacterial toxins actualizes the problem of biological safety, which has become global and does not depend on state borders

It has been observed that developments in the field of microbiology are used for anti-humane purposes, which is a significant factor exacerbating the issue of biosafety. This is about creating the latest types of biological weapons. Significant biological danger to humans are new infectious diseases that are caused by previously unknown pathogens to mankind. In particular, viruses, bacteria, and prions.

It is emphasized that it is necessary to make decisions of a political, economic and philosophical nature, including the strengthening of international control over the work with especially dangerous agents, as well as the development of specific programs to counter bioterrorism. It is emphasized that at present solving problems connected with counteraction to bioterrorism is a leading task that directly affects the interests of ensuring security not only of individual countries, but of the entire planet as a whole.

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