Adaptive possibilities of philosophy in the socialization of man in the modern world.
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philosophy, functions of philosophy, personality, adaptation, psychotherapy, psyche

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Rybakova, K. (2018). Adaptive possibilities of philosophy in the socialization of man in the modern world. Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac, (3-4), 57-66. Retrieved from


The article is concerned with understanding and synthesis of theoretic and practical cooperation between psychology, psychotherapy and philosophical disciplines. The adaptive role of philosophy in the socialization of person in the modern world is argued. Through philosophical universals or categories, philosophy touches and plays leading role in each segment of the life of a person, but through a particular personality also in society as a whole. The potential of philosophical and anthropological knowledge is used inclusively in the interests of each person for the purpose of full-fledged development of man. The views on the compensatory function of philosophy, which have not been defined yet, are outlined. The properties of the compensatory function are determined through their role and practical effect on a person. The argumentation for the need of modern psychological assistance on the basis of philosophical theoretical preconditions is given. The therapeutic, consolating effect of philosophy on personality has been recognized since ancient times and to the present, but as a specific function inherent to philosophical knowledge, it has not yet been sufficiently investigated in scientific research and has the potential for further consideration, that makes the relevance of this article .

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