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About the Journal

Academic periodical “Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac” covers the most up-to-date discussions of current problems of nowadays, human life, social life, modern culture, religious life, actual ecological and axiological problems, globalization and informational society. Particular attention is paid to the philosophical reflexion on emerging problems in the field of anthropological philosophy in correspondence with modern informational-global realities.
  The Almanac contains the most actual scientific investigations achieved by the scholars of H. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences in Ukraine and Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, as well as by the authors from other scientific and higher educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad; post-graduates and doctoral candidates in philosophical and sociological disciplines.
  “Multiversum” regularly publishes translated works of classics of philosophy, articles of top specialists in modern Ukrainian and foreign philosophy. Almanac issues texts of the authors of different standpoints and conduct discussions of the positions.
  Geographical range of authors’ locations goes beyond Ukraine. “Multiversum” collaborates with top philosophers of Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and other states of the world.
  Editorial Board of “Multiversum” unites leading Ukrainian specialists in Philosophy, Sociology, professors of philosophical and sociological sciences.
  The journal is oriented at specialists in Philosophy, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, students, Master Degree students and post-graduate students.
  As an academic educational issue, the journal is the important methodological basis for higher educational institutions staff, scholars, post-graduate students and Master Degree students in philosophy and sociology.